Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter 2014 Anime Preview

I am behind, I am behind, I am behind, but the plague of sickness that fell right on Christmas will not hold me back any longer - at least not from typing this sucker out while the world slowly freezes outside my door.

As always, I'm posting the series that interest me.I won't and can't promise to blog them all, but I suspect there will be more than a few (certainly more than in fall) that I'll stick with.Here they are, with my thoughts about each:


So this is from Watanabe - think Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo.And it is literally about what the title says it is: a dandy, in space.This looks like it will be funny and I trust Watanabe enough to want to watch it, though I will be watching the Japanese version in defiance of its simultaneous airing in the U.S.I do worry that this is considered part parody, since parody can go wrong very quickly. Done right, this will be good stuff; done badly, it could be awful.


This is probably going to be a bloggable one for me because I love BONES and I like the look of the animation as well as the premise: Yato is a minor god without a shrine, and he seeks to help Hiyori (who got hit by a bus in his stead) when the result of her accident is that she can, too easily, lose her soul.In the meantime, he's trying to raise money to build a shrine - and to find a new 'weapon'.I suspect this is going to be a good, well-rounded series with comedy, action, drama, and probably romance too, and I've heard it referred to as a slightly more serious Hataraku Maou-sama, so I can go with that.


This is another light-novel adaptation, which means it will probably be either super or will flame out fantastically.Pretty basic stuff: a fantasy series involving a high school boy with a dark past (because of course) and a girl who changes him into a "magician" (this is a bad translation of the original Japanese word, which does not have such a fluffy connotation) like her.I...don't know about this one.I enjoy fantasy light novel series when they're adapted properly, and this might be - or it could end up being terribly generic.On the fence.


Another series I will likely blog, about East and West planets that grow and develop separately: one experiencing a renaissance, the other embroiled in war.Leonardo da Vinci and prophesied savior Jeanne d'Arc (really) land on the warlike planet and meet Nobunaga the fool (Miyano Mamoru!) and their experiences from then on change both planets.There are apparently mechs involved and all around this one looks more intriguing than the general absurdity of the premise wants to let me admit.


This is going to be a comedy about, apparently, the administrative assistant in Hell.And that is really all I want to know to know I want to watch it.I've been longing for a good comedy lately (too much Valvrave!) and this one looks like it will fit the bill nicely, especially if it's as deadpan as I want it to be.


So here's the thing. When I first heard Pupa would be "seriously unsettling horror" I was exceedingly pleased, because I like horror and I like it done well.And then I heard that cannibalism/vore was the fundamental premise and then I found out that the main duo was a brother/sister pair, and now I am...wary.Mostly because cannibalism and eating-people's-insides stuff is one of my significant personal squicks.I can watch Makishima Shogo knife people all day long, but seeing someone eat entrails sends me screaming.And yet I keep hearing how the manga has an interesting premise, that it's well-done and well-executed, that it's all darkly psychological and disturbing and good.

I fear it could go badly.I fear it will be full of entrail-snacking and fetishized incest.But I'm willing to give it a chance and see how it goes, and then...well, we'll see what happens.

I'll also be blogging Kill La Kill in its second cour if all goes well.Enjoy the anime season!
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