Sunday, January 19, 2014

Space Dandy Episode 1 Impressions

This may be late but at least its before the next episode tonight!

Toonami has a new show, hurray! Not just any new show but a simultaneously broadcasted show. Meaning that it will air the same day in both Japan and America! This isn't anything new there have been other anime series that have done it this way. The fact that Toonami was able to land this show is incredible! After being on the chopping block since its return Toonami has seemed to have a revival. What better way to show a revival than having the block come on 30 minutes earlier and a simulcasted show on top of that.

I have no idea what the overall plot of the show is but the first episode follows a man named Dandy, a talking space cat named Meow, and a robot named QT and their adventure to find the "phantom ramen." While in pursuit of this "phantom ramen" they are being pursued by this alien army. After running from this army and looking for this ramen they stumble on what could be the "phantom ramen." Little did they know the ramen comes for another dimension where they meet an alien who tells his story of how he started making ramen and what lead him to this dimension. Unfourantely this visit to the other dimension is short lived because if they don't leave soon they could be stuck there forever. They get out but Meow is upset because he didn't even get to taste the "phantom ramen."

The animation is amazing. I should expect nothing less from the studio that did Samurai Champloo but this is some really good. The movement on the characters shows the attention to every single frame. The art style seems to bode well with the theme of the show. Dandy might not be the most handsome anime character to look at but at least he is distinct. I love Ian Sinclair as Dandy he seems to be a natural fit. It's the hair, its got to be the hair!

Color me impressed. This show shattered my expectations. I had very low expectations. When I saw one of the promo's I thought this was going to be some shallow excuse for fan-service and plain weirdness for the sake of shock. It still might turn out to be that way but this first episode shows otherwise. The show comes on Toonami at the new start time 11:30pm eastern on Adult Swim.
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