Sunday, January 26, 2014

Silver Spoon S2 Episode 5 "Minami Kujo, Appear!" Preview Images and Synopsis

New faces of competition challenge the Equestrian Club's ability again and again. The tension in this "game of human lives" sends shivers down their spines! This feeling, this tension, this fear is manifested in Aki's childhood friend Minami Kujo!

Alternatively, you can repeat the phrase, "Minami rules with money, and Aki is a lout," while listening to a rich debutaunt going "OH HO HO HO" over and over, you'll be good. I do like the pictures this time. Well done, people who run the website. I do hope I'm getting Minami's name right

Screenplay is by Kishimoto again. I imagine this will be like with Hideyuki Kurata and Samurai Flamenco for a while. Director and Storyboarder is stepping up hard from his key animation job back in episode 11. 2 ADs this time, as you would need to capture Miss Kujo's brilliance in equestrianism. , having done AD for Guilty Crown and largely key otherwise, and , AD for the first time, but he has done key on Samurai Champloo and Detective Conan.

(Images from (c) Hiromu Arakawa, Aniplex, Fuji TV, Shogakukan Creative, and the Ezono Production Committee)
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