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Anime Power Rankings: Summer 2013 Week 13




Autumn 2013 Anime Preview

I'm back bitches~!I have been back in the warm embrace of my PC & wonderful internet connection for three weeks now - it's been a strange experience.For a start Ireland feels bloody tiny, but the crap public transport means that I am sorely missing not having a car.I am pretty much bankrupt thanks to my trip (which was loads of fun) so had a frantic first week home of job searching.Thankfully I got a temporary 2 month contract to tide me over for a while .which meant very little time being a NEET and catching up on things.

Being the obsessive fan I am, I did manage to keep up with a choice selection of shows from the seasons I was AWOL, but still have a lengthy list of things I want to check out - will get round to them eventually.But anyhoo, you're here for the Autumn Preview, so lets get cracking! (Can't tell you how much I missed doing these things - exhausting, but satisfying~!)


Last year around this time I started watching anime. I started out with Dragon Ball Z. It randomly happened one night I got home from a football game and was bored and I remembered it from my childhood and decided to get back into it. I got really into it some nights watching twenty episodes a night. I eventually finished the series and it was pretty good but it was really slow and got boring at some points but overall it was a very good anime. After I finished that I began Naruto and finished that and started Naruto Shippuden. I have just caught up with the subbed episodes and I think I'm going to start reading the manga. A manga is pretty much a Japanese comic. I like Naruto Shippuden because it is way faster than Dragon Ball Z. Also lately I have been watching Rurouni Kenshin. It is about a Samurai that used to be a killer but now has a reverse blade because he doesn't want to harm anyone. Also the other night I started watching Samurai Champloo.HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OF THE ANIMES.DRAGON BALL ZNARUTONARUTO SHIPPUDENKENSHINSAMURAI CHAMPLOO
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Top Five TV Series For Getting Into Anime

Anime. It seems interesting to many folks, but then they get turned off by its reputation for creepy juvenile fantasy. And that's really too bad, because the genre has a lot to offer if you know where to look. Like many folks, my first introduction to the anime genre was via popular films by(, , etc.) and then later with lesser films such as or film adaptations of TV series. But when I first tried to expand my awareness of the anime genre into the realm of television, I was immediately struck by how many of the highly-recommended shows seemed to be rather childish and really struggled to compete with live-action sci-fi/fantasy for my interest. Was anime simply not for me? I didn't want to write off an entire genre of film, and so I continued sorting through the dross until I was able to identify the sort of anime series that I actually liked. This list is intended for casual viewers who find themselves in a similar position.

The difficulty with coming up with Top 5 lists is that they are often so subjective. Elements that can make a show a favorite can also be deal-breakers for other viewers. Since I came at this list from the perspective of a sci-fi fan rather than an anime-lover per se, I'm quite sure that some of my reasons for excluding veteran shows will be anathema for some. For example, this list is mostly composed of newer shows since I don't feel that the animation and characterization of many older anime has aged well (like /). Cue vitriol.

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Ghost in the Shell is very popular in Japan and America, but have not made a good game. It was also

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Unfortunately, usually from anime and manga, Japanese-made computer stop motion pro games are not a major cause of this problem is the license number and popularity in the world. At this time, only a few of them are really really good. Below you can see the games that have made the best of the anime and manga.

The manga series has been the Japanese confronted with one of the best stories in UNS3 also be able to see the good parts. Fourth Great Ninja War a fascinating and exciting form of the game is displayed. CyberConnect2 begin construction of the complex, which was believed to have broken the line between cartoon and Real-Time Graphics.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Michiko & Hatchin

I went into Michiko & Hatchin (AKA Michiko to Hatchin, Michiko e Hatchin) not knowing much about it,it got my attention from a few defining traits. It was the directorial debut of Saya Yamamoto, who'd previously had a hand in everything from Redline to Eureka Seven, and is now becoming more well known for her Lupin the Third series The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. In addition,Michiko & Hatchin takes place in a location unique to anime, Latin America (to be more precise, a fictional country heavily based on Brazil), and has famed Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe for a "Music Producer".But these interesting features aside, is the show itself as good as it is intriguing?

Hana Morenos is a young girl who had spent her days living with an abusive foster family, until one day escaped convict Michiko Malandro burst into their house looking for her. As it turns out, Hana is the daughter ofthe man Michiko loves, Hiroshi Morenos, who Michiko is desperately searching for, despite him having been declared dead. Thinking Hana could be useful for getting close to Hiroshi, Michiko takes Hana (who soon renames herself Hatchin to accompany her new life) on a journey across the country to find the man that connects their pasts and find their happy ending.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tuesdays Top Picks

So I tried this thing once and then I never did it again, and there's a good chance I'll never do it again, again, but lately I've been watching a SHIT TON of anime and I really want to talk about my favourites now so here they are, my top five anime series!:

1)Cowboy Bebop

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


i can't stop thinking about , recently.i just woke up last night and thought "and we're all going down- all down the staircase aboard" and i knew i was going to be looping in my head all night.

and now, here's the . answer for yourself or see others' answers here:

Friday, September 13, 2013

Thoughts On: Suda 51

I want to make something clear about what these articles I write are about. First and foremost, it is not a review. If this was a review of a game that isn't out yet, I would have given a score to it and that sounds rather silly to give a game a score when it isn't even out yet. These are a series of written articles covering upcoming games, and giving my impressions of what I have seen of them, gaming topics, and other things gaming related. Now that I got that out of the way, I thought I would do an article about one of my favorite game designers, Suda 51. This is the guy who makes those crazy action games like No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, and the recently released Killer Is Dead, which will be one of my reviews in the near future. There is just something that I love about his games, even if they are not perfect all around. Let's begin, shall we?

Let's get started with Suda 51's history of being in the game industry. His actual name is Goichi Suda. The 51 is a play on his name, because "Go" means 5 and "ichi" means 1 in the Japanese language. He started out working for a developer called Human Entertainment, known for some popular games like a few Fire Pro Wrestler games, Vanguard Bandits, and the Super Famicom horror game, Clock Tower, among others. At Human Entertainment, the first games he worked on were Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Final Bout and Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special as a director and scenario writer. He also worked on a series of adventure horror games called Twilight Syndrome: Search, Twilight Syndrome: Investigate, and Moonlight Syndrome. None of these last three games were ever released in America. After the team at Human Entertainment disbanded, Suda 51 founded his own company called Grasshopper Manufacturer. Game-wise, this is when things got more interesting. I am going to skip a few years to the mid-2000s, because this is when Suda 51 got really noticed by the gaming community. In 2005, he released a GameCube and PlayStation 2 game known as Killer 7, an on-rails shooter kind of game with a unique artistic presentation. It was definitely a game that stood out among the games released that year. The reception was mixed, but Killer 7 became a cult classic among gamers and remains one of the many games talked about during the whole, "video games vs. art" and "sex and violence in video games" conversations. I have never played it, but if any of you have played either version of the game before, tell me what you think, and I might go find a copy of it since I am usually up for something unique. Suda 51 has made other games that were also well-known, but for the people that don't know him, I thought I would start with one of his more recognized games. Some of his earlier games that he was famous for before Killer 7 are Flower, Sun, and Rain, and The Silver Case. We didn't get the original release of those two games, but we did get a DS remake of Flower, Sun, and Rain, an adventure game that got mixed reviews when it was re-released, but was praised for its colorful themes and story. At the same time, it was criticized for its difficulty. Before we get to his more popular games, Grasshopper Manufacturer and Namco Bandai teamed up to make an action game based off of a popular and mostly well executed anime called Samurai Champloo. Now we get to the games he has worked on for the past few years. In 2008, Suda 51 released a new action game for the Wii called No More Heroes about a young man named Travis Touchdown who wants to become the number one assassin. The game was once again known for its violence and art style. It was well received with the biggest criticism concerning the camera and the very empty overworld you can travel through on your huge bike. I liked it personally, but it did have its problems. There is also a PlayStation 3 version that you can find that uses the PlayStation Move controller. Before releasing a sequel to No More Heroes, Suda 51 was the producer for a Nintendo DS RPG called Contact. It was released in 2009 and got mixed reviews. In 2010, he released a sequel to No More Heroes called No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. The overall design of the first game was improved upon in the sequel, and some new playable characters were added in certain moments of the game. It is my favorite game out of the series, but it had some camera issues, and the first part of a certain boss fight was awful since you had to deal with the motorcycle controls in a small battle arena. In 2011, Suda 51's company teamed up with EA to release a campy horror-survival-third-person shooter game known as Shadows of the Damned for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This game had some big names besides Suda 51 behind it, like Shinji Mikami and Akira Yamaoka. Shadows of the Damned got mixed reviews, but a lot of people I have talked to who have played the game have said that they enjoyed it. Again, tell me what you all think of it and I might go out and buy a copy. 2012 brought us the quirky zombie-killing Lollipop Chainsaw for PS3 and 360, with the voice talent of Tara Strong who did voice work for many popular shows like The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans to voice the main female hero. It also got mixed reviews, but it was one of my personal favorite games of that year, even with its clunky controls. A few weeks ago, we got Killer Is Dead, another action game from Suda 51. You can probably tell how the reviews went so I won't mention them here. Personally, I really liked Killer Is Dead, but it does have its issues. Suda 51 has worked on other games with his company, like Sin Mora and a game based off Blood+, but I just thought I'd give the viewers/readers a quick CliffNotes version of the games he and his company worked on that are well-known among the gaming community.

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Samurai Champloo Music

This Monday I thought I would share with you guys some awesome music from the anime series Samurai Champloo. If you guys haven't checked out this series then I highly recommend that you do. It has great characters, action, adventure, comedy and just an all around great story. As for the music, it is definitely unique to this series. It very much has a jazzy, hip hop sound that is mainly influenced by the late Japanese hip hop producer and DJ Nujabes.

Now for those of you that know me, you know that I joy all different types of music. You name a genre and I can most likely find at least a few songs that I would really like in it. I'm saying all this because I know that people can be very touchy when it comes to their music. A lot of people can be very close minded to experiencing music even though it is so universal. I really believe that music is not only meant to be heard but also felt. Music can make you feel emotions that no words or images could ever make you feel. I understand that not every one is into this type of music but I encourage you to give it a listen anyways.

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