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Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann review

Heyo everyone, Amp here bringing you another review

So if you have read the title i assume you know which anime I'm reviewing yeah TTGL (Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann) is one of those shows that only come round once in a while. Many feels were shed in that anime and many brave otaku ventured into the world of TTGL .

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Too hard to find a compliment with a K Kamina

Yolo Yoko

Serious Simon

Name: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Author: Kotaro Mori, Takami Akai, Yasuhiro Takeda

Published: 2007 - ongoing, Media Works, TV Tokyo

Age: 16+

Meet the characters of TTGL, of course there are many more but here are a our main characters. They are all well rounded characters Nah I'm just kidding, in fact each of these characters has a flaw, but not a flaw like 'Whiny bitch syndrome' more along the lines of something relate-able. For instance Simon is quite a fragile character and gets scared easily, but he doesn't run from his problems he merely expresses his emotion, do you see what i mean its not annoying more like a needed hamartia to allow the creators to progress the character.I feel that the characters of this anime is what makes it such a strong story, you can get emotionally attached to each character. They way they all interact with each other is also amazing, the filler just doesn't seem like filler at all!

Onto the plot, in the first episode we are met with a young man named Kamina who wants to break free of the oppressive nature around him in which humans are forced to live underground because the surface is dangerous, and we have Simon who digs all day for the village and he is quite skilled at it too! finally Kamina hatches a plan to escape but hes caught in the act and is placed in the undergrounders form of time out (a little prison xD) whilst this is going on Simon stumbles upon A miniature drill and a little robot. Simon comes to Kamina's aid and breaks him out to show him the little robot, suddenly a huge mecha falls through the ceiling and all hell breaks loose. We are then introduced to Yoko the master sniper who attempts to fight the mecha off but is no match with only her rifle (and Kamina being annoying ) Simon leads them all the the robot, he then turns it on using the miniature drill he found it breaks out of the underground, they fight off the mecha and leave the confines of underground. The adventure begins from there to find their oppressor!

The story is so powerful always playing on the fact that Kamina refuses to accept that there is something bigger than him and his group, constantly making progress in their strength. It starts out simple but quickly the plot thickens and it becomes quite serious, i can't really say anymore but it really is an experience . In the anime Akagi i always knew he would win in the end but with this i was on the edge of my seat all the time, you really couldn't tell if it was all over for them. Instead of being able to power through this i had to watch it in segments because it was so intensive.

Music is brilliant in this anime, so many times the fight scenes and moments get intensified by the amazing soundtrack that accompanies it, if you have seen samurai champloo I'll compare it to that.

The art style was actually amazing, from start to finish

Pros and cons* Lovely character progression you can easily get attached

* amazing soundtrack

* a full story that isn't too long but not too short either* Feels

* Yoko is pretty much fanservice

* It's finished now

I'd recommend to anyone and everyone but mainly if you have a friend that wants to get into anime you should give this to them to watch, they'll thank you over and over

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