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Anime Power Rankings: Fall 2013 Week 2







Kill la Kill (9)




Monogatari Series: Second Season (7)





Kyousougiga (4)

Toei Animation




Samurai Flamenco (3)





Galilei Donna (5)

A-1 Pictures



On the cusp: Non Non Biyori, Kyoukai no Kanata, White Album 2, Golden Time, Nagi no Asukara

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I doubt we'll see a single week this year without seeing Kill La Kill sitting on top of the pile grinning. It ain't in the same ball park, it ain't in the same league, it's not even in the same fucking sport.

ZabiLegacy ()

"The best part about this week's anime: HanaKana getting NTR'd twice by Chiwa Saito (Monogatari S2 and Infinite Stratos S2)."

Aeroblip (Desu ex Machina)

Both noitamiA shows' pilot episodes land them in the APR top 5 this week. But the most surprising appearance is seeing Non Non Biyori land just outside the top 5.With a show that wears its iyashikei on its sleeve I never anticipated that it would land so high on APR, let alone on the cusp. It's nice to see that some people out there appreciate a good SOL show, even if it did give off the impression of being another SOL moeblob. Good job voters!

Kill la Kill and Monogatari top my list with Hot Blooded Tennis and Yandere Nadeko, but for me the real surprise this week was Kyousogiga. The original ONA's groundless spectacle did basically nothing for me, but this week's whimsical story of family and purpose was well-written, well-directed, and full of little mysteries I actually WANT to explore. The episode was confident, heartfelt, and somehow strongly relatable, in spite of focusing on a family brought to life by a monk's idle drawings. I have very high hopes for this one.

Bobduh ()

Not only does Kill la Kill take the #1 spot on APR for the second week in a row, but as shown in the chart below it also takes that #1 spot in a massive landslide. At this rate Kill la Kill may end up taking the #1 spot on APR for the rest of the Fall season. I find this to be a bit disappointing. While Kill la Kill is a fun show to watch based on it's stellar animation and over the top fight scenes, I feel that's all that it has going for it right now and doesn't really warrant it getting APR's top spot these past two weeks by such a huge margin. I hope that Kill la Kill, sometime down the road before the Fall season ends, actually grabs my attention in an area not involving animation and more in the area of story and characters. Because if it doesn't then I'll just be filling Kill la Kill in my folder of overrated/over hyped shows.

Samurai Flamenco - Ok, I've given this my #1 spot, so I guess we need to discuss this, especially as I saw some people pan the art as lazy/badThis show is drawn in the classic way, and I mean the near classic, think Samurai Champloo, which can trace itself back to Cowboy Bebop, and from there we're solidly in the early 90s. This show oozes style, and charm. Everything about this show makes me nostalgic, which isn't enough, right. It's drawn in a gorgeous way where there's attention to details. The attention to detail is noticeable elsewhere as well, with the actors all doing a splendid work in their roles, delivering believeable lines and characters, with solid character interaction and chemistry as well.

If I could, I'd have marathoned this show here and now. There's no single part of the show that is "extraordinary", but the whole composition is superb, especially as the show doesn't try to be anything it's not - neither zany, nor moefied, it knows what it wants to be, and it goes about it with panache.

Guy ()

While Episode 00 from Kyousougiga, which I've been told is almost exactly like the ONA that aired two years ago, was incredibly scatterbrained and made absolutely no sense whatsoever,the first episode really grabbed my attention. With a much more coherent and well-written pilot episode, I'm now looking more forward to the show in the coming weeks. This show could become one of the better shows of the season.

While there are several excellent shows this season (Kill la Kill, Kyousou Giga) that clearly shows the high animation production quality, as someone that prefer to watch comedy, this season has been rather lacking in comedy shows so far, with the best comedy being Teekyuu. With Kitakubu ending this week, I fear that I will not have my fill of comedy in the subsequent weeks. Dear readers, what are good comedies for this season?


For the first time in what seems like forever, our own Scamp from wins APR bingo this week! Congratulations Scamp for having your thumb on the pulse of the aniblogsphere.
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