Saturday, August 24, 2013

The League of Hot Geeks Will Be in Attendance on Saturday 8/24 ONLY

7/29/13 Breinigsville, PA - Anime Ate My Brain Magazine announced last year that they will be

hosting a convention called SaikouCon. SaikouCon, which means "best convention", is the Northeast's

newest large scale anime convention.

Presented by Anime Ate My Brain Magazine, a division of Tastes Like Rock! Publishing (Tastes Like

Rock! Music Magazine, Anime Ate My Brain Magazine, Tastes Like Rock! Radio, and the upcoming

original webcomic Zombie Skatepunk Apocalypse, and Amerimanga Machina Saisei: Jakkan), the

convention promises to be a yearly high point in the Summer months of the anime convention season.

Boasting a dedicated staff of longtime Japanese anime and manga fans, SaikouCon is excited to be the

only convention dedicated exclusively to anime, manga, and Japanese culture in this area of

Northeast Pennsylvania.

Confirmed Guests of Honor include Voice Actrees/ADR Director Terri Doty (Fairy Tail, Deadman

Wonderland, Okami-san and Her Seven Companions) and prolific cosplayer and cosplay photographer

RuffleButt (Jessie Pridemore), voice and stage actress Jad Saxton (Baccano!, A Certain Scientific

Railgun, Freezing, Okami-san and Her Seven Companions, Shangri-La, Fafner: Dead Agressor: Heaven and

Earth, just announced as the English dub voice of Carla for season 2 of Fairy Tail) , and voice and

television actor Darrel Guilbeau (Durarara!!, Samurai Champloo, Bleach, Cyborg 009, Paranoia Agent,

and many more).

Featured Guests will include The D20 Girls Project of New Jersey (like the Suicide Girls without the

nudity, but better because they all love games, comics, and ANIME), the film makers behind Cosplayer

Nation (the first large scale documentary devoted to cosplay)!

Musical guests include DJ from PA (spinning at SaikouCon's DJ Dance Party Happy Fun Time

on August 23), Turning Down Harvard from Saylorsburg PA, Hitomi Himekawa from New York City by way

of Japan, and Con favorites The Slants from Oregon, all performing at SaikouCon 2013's Cosplay

Masquerade Ball on August 24!

The convention will always feature some of the best live entertainment themed to Japanese culture as

well as the best in J-Rock, J-Pop, and geek culture musical acts from all over the US and beyond.

All of this plus top creators, writers, artists, distributors, industry insiders, English dub and

original Japanese voice talent, some of the best cosplay talent, shows, masquerades; and so much


Joining the ranks of SaikouCon 2013's Featured Guest will be the League of Hot Geeks (Saturday ONLY)

and the Sci-Fi Photo Guys! The League of Hot Geeks hail from numerous places the League's goal is

erase the ugly stereotypes that surround geek culture! The League will only be able to join

SaikouCon 2013 on Saturday August 24, look for them in the vendor rooms where they will be stationed

at their own booth, hopefully next year they will be able to stay at SaikouCon for the whole event.

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