Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What will we be up to next week?

We found an apartment! A student apartment 5 minutes away from my aunt and uncle's house by bike. Also about 10 minutes from the center of town. We rode our bikes there today and took a look. I can't wait to move in and get comfy in our new home!! We go sign the contract tomorrow morning and get the keys! I'm also going to register for school tomorrow after the apartment stuff. We have to go change our address at the Maistraatti, talk to the power people, and go by social services to fill out paperwork to receive housing support money. On Tuesday we're going on a little trip to Kemi police station to get a ID card and maybe swing by Ikea and have lunch. Wednesday we might move more stuff into our place, and then Thursday we're going to Eno for a week. I can't wait to see my Suki-baby!!!

I got a library card last week and we went to the library to borrow a few books on Friday. I have been reading 2 books. One is called The Dying Animal by Phillip Roth. It's about a college professor who has affairs with his students at the end of the year. He falls for a Cuban student named Consuela, and the story tells about his experience with this. The other book is called Scar Night by Alan Campbell. It's about a city that hangs over an abyss suspended by chains, and a 12 year old Angel that has to protect the city. Both books are a bit weird. I'm gonna be finishing The Dying Animal soon, and may not even finish Scar Night. We will be going back to the library Monday night to get more books. Adrian is also reading...which is a huge surprise, as he always says he hates reading. I'm glad he got a book though, now he seems eager to finish it and get another one.

I found a four-leaf clover last night! I hope we continue to have good luck and to be as blessed as we have been the last few days :)

I finished watching Soul Eater and Samurai Champloo. So sad, cause I really liked both animes. I always feel like such a loser for being so sad when a anime series ends...but I really do feel like my new friends have left me lol I started watching Chobits, and its cute! I'm gonna go make a sandwich and watch another episode :)

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