Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Attack on Titan Is Pretty Good

I stopped watching anime in my late teens/early twenties. Somewhere around that age, I figured out that anime has a ton of repeated tropes and cliches from which the genre is built. Figuring out these tropes was once exciting and new, but just like RomComs, once I knew the formula, the content lost it's luster.And while the animation is impressive, after a while, most anime begins to look like carbon copies of each other.Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to poopoo on anime because there are plenty of anime series and movies that I have fond memories of watching (if a may name a few: Ninja Scroll, Samurai Champloo, Dragon Ball Z, and Berserk). But I'm skeptical when anyone recommends that I watch an anime.

I recently read an article onthat piqued my interest about an anime titled Attack on Titan. The article does a pretty good job of discussing the strengths and weakness of the show. Ultimately, I gave it a chance. And, as my title suggests, I found the showentertaining enough to watch all twelve of the listed episodes (you can find it on and ).

So what makes this different from other anime? Honestly not a lot. The characters fall into the the same old archetypes--there's the spunky one who won't give up, the smart one that's clumsy but lovable, and the quiet bad A that you don't want to screw with.But what is different--and in turn interesting--is the setting and premise of the show. In short, the whole human race lives in one city behind massive walls because out of nowhere titans took over the earth. For 100 years, the walls have stood and... you get the idea. Also, the titans are truly sinister with their slightly mongoloid grins and childlike ignorance.

If you once held any affection for anime, then I think you should at least give Attack on Titan a chance. It's not perfect, buy it's different enough to be interesting,
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