Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Serial expermental Lain and Michiko to Hatchin

During Thanksgiving i did promise that i was going to rewatch Lain because i did plan to review it.I watched it. I watch the Sub, I didn't watch it dub this time.Well I went in it thinking that it will give me the same philosophical impact that it did when i first watch the dub when i was 13 years old which it did but, somehow this time it left a void. A unexpected void that took me kinda two to three days to get over.Lain takes places in the future or the distance future butthe whole center around Lain is internet. When i first saw Lain it was when there was STILL a G4 and when G4 still showed anime. I usuallywould stay up late to watch it.Once it did in when i first saw it it left this Philosophical empact in me at the time that it stayed with me for fuck a decade. For this to be a show made back when the Cyber punk era was phasing out(1998-2005) in anime most of the dialog in this show is still paramount even today. "No matter where you go..Everyone is connected" from lain of the wired in episode 2 and when you think about it now. With all these smart phones, computers, apps, ect its like no mater where you go you are always connected.

Please for the love of god watch this show! you will know what i mean. I mean you might have a different view from me but please check this show out. To me this was Yoshitoshi ABe top work.

Ok. Next a SPECIAL DOUBLE BONUS REVIEW. This was going to be a separate review on its own but i decided seeing how i made you guys wait a while and im somewhat better to do a review i figure i might i well cram this one in here too.Michiko to Hatchin, Michiko E Hatchin, Michiko and Hatchin depending on what your prefrence is when referring to this show, It's the only anime i've seen that takes places outside of japan(without it having to take place in space or another world) It takes place in South America specifally Brazil. This Show was made back in 2008. I've seen the Sub in 2011 and now that i have the Funimation Channel i've seen the dub this year.The whole Plot Center around Michiko and Hatchin trying to find Hatchin Real dad. From the summary alone you might think its a pretty boring show. It's not it's actually interesting and kinda underrated.Now which one do i prefere the Sub or the Dub? Both are ok. Both are good to watch. Im am surprised that Funimation did a great job with the dubs because i haven't been in love with their dubs for years.Which one do i like however- Sub. It just something about itthat holds this grit to it which this show is and the sub cast does a good job of making you feel that way.

Again check this show out. I heard it was made by the they directors of Cowboy bebop and Samurai Champloo i don't know if this is true or not but this is a show worth a good look.
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