Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy(?) new year

2014 already? My gosh. Before I get into the personal crap, please take a gander and enjoy the new category up top, Studio Profiles. Also I bought myself the Utena movie and a Samurai Champloo DVD for cheap. Good stuff.


* First real heartbreak.

* A very uneventful, depressing, and jobless summer.

* A very rough and emotional fall semester.


* Saw lots of shows: Avenue Q (Off-Broadway), Once (Broadway), Wicked (Broadway), Little Shop of Horrors (community), A Midsummer Night's Dream (The Met), The Nutcracker (NYC Ballet).

* Performed in my dream role as Christmas Eve at my school's production of Avenue Q.

* Performed in my first community show (Into the Woods Jr.) in years.

* Made even more progress vocally.

* Passed all my classes, including harmony and ear training.


* Read more.

* Get a job.

* Be more organized.

* Keep up in studies and performing.

* Perform in a show in the summer again.

* Spend less time on anime.

* Write and post more on Utena.

* Be happy.
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