Monday, September 30, 2013


Last year around this time I started watching anime. I started out with Dragon Ball Z. It randomly happened one night I got home from a football game and was bored and I remembered it from my childhood and decided to get back into it. I got really into it some nights watching twenty episodes a night. I eventually finished the series and it was pretty good but it was really slow and got boring at some points but overall it was a very good anime. After I finished that I began Naruto and finished that and started Naruto Shippuden. I have just caught up with the subbed episodes and I think I'm going to start reading the manga. A manga is pretty much a Japanese comic. I like Naruto Shippuden because it is way faster than Dragon Ball Z. Also lately I have been watching Rurouni Kenshin. It is about a Samurai that used to be a killer but now has a reverse blade because he doesn't want to harm anyone. Also the other night I started watching Samurai Champloo.HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OF THE ANIMES.DRAGON BALL ZNARUTONARUTO SHIPPUDENKENSHINSAMURAI CHAMPLOO
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